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   Hello again...
Some minor improvements have been implemented last weekend. There are new street pictures and the flatspots have been updated. In the near future I will have some more spare time, so there will soon be more news to announce.

   After the mostly successful switch to the year 2000 we are proud to present BMX-Chemnitz 2000. The millenium special, however, will be here next year, as it is supposed to be ;-).
Today, your trusted webmaster fixed this silly problem with MS' Internet Explorer. Since IE is not able to parse the <TR BACKGROUND> tag correctly (which actually aint part of the W3C standards; Netscape gets around it, though), it has not been able to display our pages correctly. This should no longer be an issue now.
The following message is a little late, too: Andy Menz has left Chemnitz for his hometown Dresden in early december since his job at Pauls was limited. We wish him all well.
At last, we wish to thank Strato for the great job they did in upgrading their services. Now that there are faster servers available, everything is a lot more comfortable for us as well as for our visitors.

   Some tricks from the German Champs 1999 in Coburg are available again for Flat and Mini. Besides, Arne Fehmel gave kind authorization to use some of his pics.

The BMX-Chemnitz crew whishes a Merry XMas and a Happy New Year!

   New clips added into Flat, Mini and Street! Check them out. Also, an error in the english version of Flat/spots has now been fixed. Enjoy.

   Sorry for the late delivery, folks! The content of >stuff< was meant to be ready a lot earlier, but your webmaster had no time left. The most annoying fact was that last weeks weather turned out to be perfect for riding... Of course, Marko had to sacrifice all the afternoon sessions to computer maintenance :-(((

   New pages added. It should be clear, what >news< is supposed to be. Since DNA and SUNNy tend to make >stuff< for linux, they need a place to publish it. The site's contributors are listed in >imprint<.

   BMX-Chemnitz is out. The registration took quite a long time, though, the site is ready to be seen around the world, now. Have fun.